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New content is now up. We are also preparing some cool "five minute" video lessons to put on our Youtube channel, which will also be embedded here on as well. Filming of these five minute lessons will begin during the Summer, and the videos will start showing up, hopefully, by Fall. Again, we are committed to having any video material match the quality of our written material. So we are not in a hurry to push it out.

As always, Our Policy: Constant stimulation is worthless; it is also foolish. We call this the "shark mentality". Sharks must keep moving to live. If they stop, they die. Musically, if you think you must continually put new information in or you're not learning, you are wrong. That is not learning, it is "feeding". Feeding does not nourish; absorption does. If you do not absorb information, you haven't learned anything. So we are not going to throw just anything up to satisfy the "need" for you to see something "new" on this site. We want you to return because of substance in our lessons. It is called the "quality over quantity" approach, which is a superior model. Fair enough?

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The Archive is where you can find past lesson articles quickly, and go directly to a topic you wish to study. It's slowly expanding, so if what you're looking for isn't there yet, it will be at some point. Articles of interest will soon be archived there, too, to keep the home page a little less cluttered.

The Stolen Gear Registry is here, and it's free. All posts will remain up for a period of six months (and if renewal is necessary, let us know) or until the gear is recovered (which we would like to be notified in that case to remove the post). What that means is, if you get ripped off, let us know by contacting us with descriptions (distinguishing marks/battle scars), location of said marks/scars, and pictures of the instruments if possible. At least a URL where they may reside will work, too, and serial numbers if you have them. Write to us here to request posting - and include relevant data for us to include.

Current Lesson Installments (including posting date):

6 May 2017: Guitar Players: The most recent Guitar Basics column. This series focuses upon things guitar players transitioning from beginning to intermediate ability should know. It isn't meant to be exhaustive, but more a reference of what you should be somewhat familiar with as a means of gauging what you should be pursuing if you've been playing for around two to three years. It contains 26 parts (the final installment coming in June, 2017, along with a part 27 Epilogue).

12 May 2017: Bass Players: The newest Bass Fundamentals column is here. This series focuses upon things all Bass players in transition from beginning to intermediate level should know. It isn't exhaustive, but a reference of what you should be familiar with as a means of gauging what you should be pursuing if you've been playing for up to about two to three years.

3 June 2017: Mandolin Players: The next lesson in the Beginning Mandolin column is here. The beginning of the series starts here. Jump on into the world of this amazing instrument.

11 Feb. 2014: Worship Musicians: The most recent 'The Art Of Worship' can be found here. While you can still access all previous articles, we are revamping this column to better serve the needs related to effective and meaningful musicality in worship. We are still seeking someone with the heart to share their experience and also having the ability to convey musical concepts in a way that is instructive, informative and edifying. You can still read from the beginning here.

26 Feb. 2014: Music Theory: The fourth installment is here; the introductory Primer is here. Posting is sporadic and will be progressive. This column is presently on hold for the moment.

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News: What's Up?

The development of the products on learning to read notation for Guitar and Bass is still in the works. They will not be video based, for obvious reasons. These are going to be available for purchase at some point. The price point will be well within the affordable range for most people. Reading music is a valuable skill to have. In the real world of studio work, for instance, TAB doesn't exist. Notation rules because that is how music is actually written by composers. TAB is a convenience for people who do not read. And if you are going to work in a Jazz environment, Lead Sheets rule, and they are notated, not tabbed! So, stay tuned.

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Comments are always appreciated. We also welcome ideas, suggestions and anything else you might find useful; this site is yours as much as it is ours. Help us out, let us know what you want to see, what you're not finding at other sites. And if you have criticism, please do not hesitate to speak your mind. We welcome all views here because we are committed to making this a great place to learn and grow!

All your QUESTIONS will be answered by e-mailing me here. After all, this site is all about providing you what you need to become a better player, to improve your skills on your instrument. And as the head of musical development, I want you to understand I take a personal interest in your improvement. We are not a corporate shop, we are musicians who work in the music field, so this site may not always be updated every five seconds. You can contact me with any questions or comments - including criticisms, requests or corrections you might have. And remember: there are no stupid questions. I pledge to give a personal response to your inquiry, not a computer generated pile of nothing.

Yes, there are a boat load of guitar sites out there. But a lot of them are really not very good at all. And don't even get us started on the wasteland that is Youtube! Yes, there are good teachers on the site, we are among the few (or will be shortly). However, the Youtube repository of ineptitude and mangled guitar "experts" and their "lessons" is a minefield of bad choices. Be careful!


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My name is Geoff Arnold, and I am the head of musical development for I bring over 40 years of experience as a music industry touring and studio musician (I am multi-instrumental) to the table. Why should this be important to you? You want an editorial staff that actually knows what they're doing, which is directed and focused, based on real world experience, and in presenting material that actually works, because it is used in the real world of music education; it is not based on notions, ideas and theories from people who don't have first hand knowledge from countless gigs or years of teaching experience. You want qualified professionals as consultants and contributors to this site. You want them all to be passionate about music. That's me. And that's our slowly growing staff.

Personally, my active work history includes, in no particular order, the following:

You don't get and keep these kinds of gigs if you don't know what you're doing!

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